Splends ladies salon and spa in Bhopal, is a home for women’s entire beauty needs. At Splends we are professionally qualified, trained and highly experienced Beauty, Hair & Makeover experts offering professional creative beauty services.

We listen to you and advise you either on a Beauty treatment, Makeover, Hair style, or other beauty services. We keep our clients looking good by knowing the latest trends and using ONLY the best of products.

Away from the city noise at the calm environment at Splends you will feel relaxed and secure in knowing that your Beauty service is performed by and under the watchful eyes of qualified & trained professionals.


To be the most sought after Makeup Studio, Beauty Salon and Academy in Bhopal.

To maintain and enhance client perception of its services.


To provide Quality beauty service & excellent cosmetology education at all times that differentiates our services, education & training, thus leading to strengthening our position in the beauty industry.




Bindu & Jaya, Internationally Certified Beauty & Hair experts, have come together with the common goal of providing the highest quality, professional beauty services and Beauty education to women and teens from all walks of life.

We want women to incorporate professional beauty solutions into their lives not only to maintain a beautiful skin but also as part of a health & wellness program as well become an emotionally strong woman says the duo.

Splends Beauty Salon & Spa is the brain child of Bindu who from childhood has been very fond of creating images with colors which eventually lead her to join the beauty Industry. She derived immense satisfaction in creating beautiful faces with the art of makeup and in beautifying skin with therapies. The satisfaction she derived seeing a happy client could never be put in words and this further motivated her to take it as a profession.

Bindu with more than eight years of experience in beauty field is equipped with the best of qualifications in the field of Beauty, Hair & Makeup from renowned National & International institutes. She keeps herself updated with the current trends in the field of beauty & hair by participating in national & international exhibitions & by being part of trainings by International beauty firms.

Jaya, a consulting psychologist by profession is a Post Graduate in psychology and holds various certificates on Counseling. She has been in the field of social service helping women in particular to establish themselves and teens to come out of their teenage issues.Her expertise in her field opened up opportunity for her abroad and she moved to the United States. During her stay in the United States, she observed that women & teens in United States are well aware of self-grooming and are more aware of their skin & Hair care regime. They are well concerned about their looks, which make them feel more confident. She observed that back home in India the problem was not with beauty, but it lied with being unaware of how to groom and keep one selves updated.

Women and teens in particular, face the problem regarding beauty & self-grooming. The good thing in the United States was that people come forward to find a solution, unlike in our country where mostly the women & girls keep such problems/ doubts to themselves. This has again made her think of doing something back home in her own country. During her discussions with Bindu, there arise an area of common interest and she decided to quit the job in US and join hands with Bindu, back home. Thus SPLENDS Beauty Salon & Academy was born.

Jaya equipped herself with international qualification in hair & beauty before joining Splends. She also holds a Diploma in Holistic SPA Therapies and specializes in Spa treats. She keeps herself updated with the latest trends in the field of beauty & hair by way of attending workshops conducted by reputed National &International brands.

Today the duo helps many of teens to come out of their wrong notion that they are not beautiful. They have been able to bring out the most beautiful faces amongst the ones who had a feeling that their looks are not good, their skin is problematic, their hair is not good etc. which had been psychologically a disturbing factor in their personal development.