Clean-ups & Facials

Facial skin adds a crown to a womens appearance and a great way to treat your skin is regular cleanups & Facials.At Splends a facial isn’t just a facial, our extensive range of skin rejuvenating facials offers something for virtually every women.

We at Splends add all jewels to your crown, the“facial skin”, to design a personal facial plan exclusively for your skin according to your skin type..

We specialize in:

  • Face Clean-up
  • Regular Facial
  • Revitalizing Facial
  • Whitening & Brightening Facial
  • Aroma Facial
  • AHA Facial
  • Chocolate Facial
  • D-toxifying Facial
  • Anti Aging & Firming Facial
  • Anti Tan Facial
  • Jwel Facial
  • Hydra Moisturizing facial (Vitamin- C)
  • Silver Facial
  • Gold Facial
  • Pearl Facial