We understand this is the most important day of your life and you desire to adorn yourself to look like a diva. We believe Makeup is an art,which not only accentuates your looks but also enhances your beauty within. All our efforts are intended to make you look and feel most beautiful self. The all enthusiastic team of Splends makes sure that your whole experience in the salon is a memorable one.

Before you embark on your remarkable makeup journey, we also have custom- made pre-bridal packages for you.


In Ladies Fashion, Makeup not only ehances your looks but highlights your unique facial features which makes you special and noticable. Keeping in mind the kind of celebrtion that you are going to be in, we at Splends ensure that your makeup would give u anatural glow & radiance on your face. Our party makeup is extremly helpful as it helps you to look elegent & graceful with a simple yet appealing look.


If you are a business owner and looking for make-up for a corporate shoot, then Splends can provide a professional service. We only works with the best make-up brands that we knows photographs well.

If you are planning profile shots of company members and are looking for touch ups or styling and makeup for the shoot, Splends can help. Whether you are looking for online imagery or for print, we at Splends ensure that you and your team look their very best.


Being a girl, you have a versatile personality. You must work to show different aspects of it to the world. Of course, your attitude to deal with life, your dressing sense,your interpersonal skills help you show your attributes. But there is one thing which can tell others who you are. It is the makeup you put on your face. Your choice and way of using makeup tell others a lot about your personality.It forms an impression of you on others,even without your knowing it.