Rejuvenation & Relaxation

Splends welcomes you to experience the unparalleled relaxation of mind & body in a warm, calm & soothing environment...

Splends offers a cocoon of rejuvenation and relaxation. The luxury of the Splends aromatherapy range is enhanced, and your experience enriched, by our inspired massage therapies, offering a delectable range of massage techniques, including Swedish message, Indonesian Balinese Massage, Japanese Shiatsu Massage, Cupping back massage. These massages and other techniques, combined with our unique blend of pure, organic, infused oils, deliver a truly exotic and memorable experience.

From the moment you enter a Splends, everything you feel and touch is pure and gentle, every extravagance engendering a feeling of well-being as you surrender yourself to the caring and experienced hands of our expertly trained therapists.

Our desire is to help you reach an enlivened feeling of total renewal and rejuvenation. Awaken your senses and feel energized once again as you indulge yourself in our truly exclusive therapies designed to relieve stress and tension and to leave you rejuvenated and ready once again to take on the world.